Strong Arguments For A Change In Child Support

New Jersey state guidelines determine child support by using a calculation that factors in each parent's income and contributions toward the children's needs, such as health insurance and child care if both parents are working.

With offices in Ocean Township and New Brunswick, the lawyers at Weisberg & Klauber, LLC, can explain your legal options if one parent has had a change in circumstances that you believe should lead to a modification in the amount of child support. We don't speak in legal terms that are difficult to understand. Rather, we offer sound guidance in a straightforward manner.

When Modification Of Child Support Can Occur

Changed circumstances can lead to courts modifying a child support order. Examples of reasons for a modification include:

  • An increase or decrease in one parent's salary or wages
  • The addition of another child to support
  • A change in custody arrangements

Our firm focuses on your best interest, not our own pocketbook. That means we will not take your case in a direction that will run up your attorney bills for no reason. We will tell you like it is — honest answers about the chances a judge will change child support should you decide to take the matter to court.

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