Joint custody as a support for your child

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Children's Issues In Divorce, Divorce |

As parents in New Jersey begin to go through the process of a divorce, they will have more to worry about than a couple who doesn’t have children. Custody decisions are one of the primary concerns unique to parents. There are plenty of custody options, each with drawbacks and benefits that can differ depending on one’s unique home situation.

One type of custody in particular – joint (or shared) custody – has recently been touted as being beneficial for children of divorce. FindLaw defines joint custody as an equal sharing of responsibility in raising one’s child between both parents after a divorce. Because parents share responsibility and decision-making, a child is given a sturdier foundation upon which to regard the figures of authority in their life. Not only that, but they have a chance to strengthen bonds with both parents as opposed to primarily bonding with one.

Psychology Today also shows that children of joint custody may have more stability in the home. If parents are able to come to frequent compromises, discuss matters civilly, and cooperate together to raise their child, then that also tends to pass down positive lessons about compromise and cooperation as well. Not only that, but some studies have even shown that school-aged children of joint custody have a lower chance of developing behavioral issues in comparison with peers who are in sole custody situations.

Each type of custody will have its ups and downs and will suit different families in different ways. Research is the most important tool that can be used to determine what might work best.