Is my marriage headed for divorce?

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No one wants to believe their marriage will end in divorce, but it’s an unfortunately common occurrence for many married couples. While some relationships can be mended, it takes the effort of both spouses, especially when the following signs are present in your relationship. Reader’s Digest explains more about some of the signs of marital distress that may point toward divorce. While all couples are different, these problems can be tough to navigate for most people. 

Lack of respect

While loving your partner is crucial for a healthy union, mutual respect is probably just as important. When respect is lacking, disagreements may turn into scathing insults and criticisms. If mutual respect is being chipped away in your relationship, you and your spouse must take steps to rebuild it. This usually requires a change in actions or behaviors, and not all people may be capable of making such changes. 

Communication problems

No matter how big or small the problems, couples that effectively communicate have the best chance of staying together. Couples that don’t often find it hard to reach common ground when issues arise, which leads to constant fighting. On the other hand, couples who don’t discuss anything of real value may find themselves slowly drifting apart. 

Physical & emotional distance

When couples can’t see eye to eye they tend to drift even further apart. This can sometimes result in a lack of physical intimacy and affection, which is a significant issue. Couples may also begin spending less and less time together until they barely interact anymore. While it’s important to have your own interests, it’s also important that married people spend quality time together to keep their union strong.