Internal injuries common to car accidents

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An internal injury from a car accident is a ticking time bomb. You may not even realize that you’re badly hurt until well after the accident is over.

Of chief concern is the possibility of internal bleeding following a wreck. While a minor broken blood vessel close to your skin just causes a bad bruise to develop, an internal hemorrhage can quickly become life-threatening if it is untreated.

Here’s how to tell if that soreness or strange feeling you have could be serious:

  • You have an inordinate amount of bruising or a creeping bruise that doesn’t feel sore.
  • You’re light-headed or dizzy.
  • You see blood in your stool or urine.
  • You have a severe headache.
  • You feel strangely weak or exhausted.
  • You’re having trouble breathing.
  • Your blood pressure is low.
  • You have chest pain, severe aching in your muscles or in your joints.
  • You are vomiting or nauseous from stomach pain.
  • You have unexplained abdominal pain.
  • You’re suffering from any kind of numbness.
  • You feel confused, disoriented or have a gap in your memory.
  • You vomit blood or have blood leaking from your nose or mouth.
  • You’re in a cold sweat.
  • You lose consciousness or have a seizure.

Any of these symptoms is cause for concern. If you have any, call 911 right where you’re at so that you can be taken quickly to a hospital for examination. Internal injuries can include damage to your kidneys, lungs, broken bones or bleeding in your brain and can lead to death very quickly. In fact, internal bleeding is one of the major causes of accidental death around the world.

Serious car accident injuries can upend your entire world. Find out how you can hold the guilty party responsible for your losses.