How can you make your divorce easier on your children?

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Whenever a major life change like divorce happens, your children may show signs of discomfort or anxiety.

Making the transition easier and less stressful for all of you can help you keep your peace of mind.

Choose your words carefully

According to Mayo Clinic, the first time you speak with your children about divorce, you should be direct but not divulge too many personal details. Lying about what is going on or trying to keep secrets can make your children more anxious.

Some younger children may blame themselves for their parents splitting apart. Reassuring them verbally that you love them and that they were not the cause of this can help soothe their fears.

Keep life the same in other ways

As your children work through these difficult feelings, they need security and support. Although it may seem kind to indulge your children in more toys or less strict rules, it can lead to a less stable home life.

Older children often act out as a means of testing boundaries, which can lead to risky behavior. Being consistent with your discipline and how you interact with your kids can help you calm their nerves and avoid conflict in other areas of their life.

Avoid family conflict

When dealing with an ex-spouse, you may struggle to keep calm and not badmouth one another. However, your children should never be the center of any disagreements or a source of information about the other spouse. Be respectful while discussing any topics such as child support or alimony, and avoid talking about them while in front of your children.