Passaic accident kills one, injures another

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Most people in New Jersey likely understand the need for teen drivers to gain experience on the road in order to become more competent while behind the wheel. The trouble with meeting this need is that statistics show that teen drivers are more likely than other demographics to engage in reckless driving behaviors (such as drinking and driving or driving at excessive speeds).

The dangers that teen drivers may face due to their inexperience may be daunting; the risks posed to any passengers that they transport may be even more so. Many may argue that one who agrees to travel as a passenger in a vehicle assumes the risks that come with such a decision. Yet along with the knowledge likely also comes the assumption that the driver will avoid any negligent actions.

Passenger seriously injured in collision on Route 21

Accident investigators are currently attempting to ascertain whether such action contributed to a fatal collision that recently occurred in Passaic. According to, a teenage driver operating a sedan collided with a pickup truck while traveling along Route 21. The driver of the truck emerged uninjured; the occupants of the sedan were not as fortunate. The driver died in the collision, while their passenger sustained serious injuries.

Holding a driver responsible for reckless behavior

No one ever wants to be in the position of needing to take legal action against someone they know (which is usually the case when a person travels in a vehicle as a passenger). Yet the expenses that arise from a car accident may leave one with little choice. Those needing to take such action may find that having reliable legal resources on hand makes the process much easier.