How do you tell if divorce is the right choice?

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Recognizing the signs of a decaying marriage may leave you feeling defeated. Confusion about how you truly feel may prolong your misery in a marriage that no longer provides fulfillment.

Your ability to identify warning signs of a draining relationship may prevent you from ongoing disappointment and heartache.

When disappointment prevails

Recurring disappointment is perhaps one of the most telltale signs that your marriage may lack the substance that originally made it exciting. According to Women’s Health Magazine, if you live a completely separate life from your spouse and rarely interact, it may indicate the need for change. Other signs that a divorce may provide relief include the following:

  • Your partner lacks respect for you
  • You never have fun together
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Your partner mocks you
  • Manipulation
  • Living apart sounds appealing and comforting

Moving forward

Deciding to get divorced can cause emotional unrest. You may lack the confidence to move forward with your decision or flip-flop between getting divorced or staying together. If you do choose to divorce, it is important to maintain a realistic perspective of your relationship and personal well-being. Especially if your partner is narcissistic, you may question your decision and begin to believe that you have made the wrong choice.

Once you choose to divorce, look to your future with optimism. Rather than focus on what you have lost, turn your attention and energy to rebuilding your independence and establishing goals for your future. Focusing on what you can control may minimize the time you spend feeling negative emotions like guilt, bitterness and despair. Identifying new goals is a healthy way to cope with your changing relationship and can provide you with the motivation to move forward.