5 types of spousal support in a New Jersey divorce

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Alimony, also known as spousal support, is money paid by one spouse to the other during or after the divorce process. While either spouse can request support, the court considers many factors before making this type of award.

Spousal support helps the individual with a lower income maintain a reasonable standard of living. In New Jersey, there are five different categories of spousal support.

1. Temporary

Temporary support is typically awarded to assist one of the spouses with their expenses until the divorce and property settlement are complete. This is common when one spouse is fully dependent on the other financially.

2. Limited duration

When one of the spouses was not working but because of the divorce now plans to return to work, they may receive support until they find a new job and can be self-sufficient. Typically, the recipient must meet certain conditions for payments to continue.

3. Rehabilitative

The purpose of rehabilitative support is to provide for a spouse who intends to get a job but must first engage in retraining or an educational program. This type of support will also have a limited duration.

4. Reimbursement

Suppose that one spouse worked to support the household while the other attended law school. If the couple divorce before the working spouse reaps the benefit of that investment, reimbursement is a way to pay them back.

5. Permanent

Permanent support is generally reserved for divorces occurring after a long-term marriage. Though its name implies it continues forever, it is subject to appeal if the recipient’s financial situation changes.

In a New Jersey divorce, the judge may award one type of support or a combination of them, depending on the couple’s unique financial circumstances.