Protecting your safety during rush hour traffic

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Rush hour traffic in New Jersey can add a substantial length of time to your drive. If you do not adequately prepare, traffic conditions could impact your patience, your vigilance and your safety.

Knowing how to react to traffic and what to do in preparation for your daily commute can help you stay safer. Even with an increased volume of vehicles on the road, you can control your safety risks.

Plan ahead

Running late and having to rush to work may substantially increase the temptation to exceed the speed limit, drive recklessly and multitask while driving. According to MSN, one of the most important ways to stay safe during rush hour is to allow yourself ample time to get to work. If you have to travel during peak traffic times, assess how much time it takes for you to get to work and plan accordingly.

Get up with enough time in the morning to tend to your personal needs prior to getting in your car. Trying to finish makeup, eat breakfast or even organize your schedule while waiting in traffic can increase your chances of missing road hazards until it is too late.

Stay alert

Rush hour traffic can present unique risks as more vehicles move around each other, rapidly entering and exiting heavily trafficked thoroughfares. Staying alert can help you avoid a traffic accident due to distraction. Some things to watch for during rush hour include slowing traffic and changes to traffic patterns in construction zones. Drive slower and pay extra attention to the amount of space between you and other vehicles. Follow all traffic laws and observe road signs.

If you plan to drive a new route, look up traffic conditions beforehand and familiarize yourself with the directions. You can also program your GPS ahead of time so you do not have to figure out directions while driving. Because rush hour can get crazy, taking your time and paying attention can help you stay safer.