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What are some health problems produced by molds?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Premises Liability |

Molds are common in homes and buildings, so if you are a tenant living in a rental property, you probably have concerns about whether your landlord will keep the property free of molds that could give you health problems. There are certain health issues you may experience if a mold infestation is in your building.

Keep in mind that not everyone is susceptible to mold. You might not feel any problems at all if mold is nearby. Still, if you know you are sensitive to molds and fungus, the CDC explains the various health issues that you might begin to suffer from.

Mild symptoms

Molds can produce symptoms that feel like the common cold or an allergy, like sneezing, red or itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, or postnasal drip. Your skin may also itch or turn dry or scaly. Wheezing may also result. While you may experience symptoms like these at certain times of the year, if you suffer them during damp weather or in certain indoor or outdoor spaces, mold may be the instigator.

Intense symptoms

If you are allergic to molds or suffer from asthma, being close to a mold infestation can trigger stronger symptoms. You may experience coughing and wheezing. Your chest may feel tight. Shortness of breath may also result. Some people come down with a fever after mold exposure. All of these symptoms may necessitate a trip to the doctor’s office.

Addressing the mold issue

Sometimes tenants bear the responsibility of dealing with mold by keeping bathrooms clean and free of lingering moisture. However, there are instances when landlords have the obligation to deal with molds, like making sure the plumbing is secure and there are no leaks to trigger mold growth. The ultimate responsibility for dealing with molds largely rests on where the mold is growing.