How can TBIs affect your personality?

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After suffering a blow to the head, it is very possible that brain injury will follow. This can include traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs.

TBIs can impact victims in numerous ways. While the physical impact often gains a lot of attention, it is actually the mental and behavioral impacts that often leave victims and their loved ones surprised.

Impulse control and temper

The CDC Injury Center discusses TBI injuries and how it impacts personality. Generally speaking, the impact of a TBI on a victim’s personality depends on different factors. This includes the type of injury, its severity, the area of the brain it affects, and the health of the victim before the incident.

Two of the most common behavioral changes involve impulse control and temperament. These changes are especially prevalent in victims of frontal lobe injuries, as the frontal lobe controls impulses.

Generally, victims will experience a harder time curbing their impulses and controlling their behavior. They may also feel easier to agitate or irritate, and could end up lashing out at others in their anger due in part to their inability to properly monitor their temperament.

Stress management reduction

Many also lose their ability to properly manage and handle stress. This even includes the small daily stressors that stack up in life, which most people can handle without even thinking twice about. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems like breaking down at work while on the clock, which can potentially negatively impact employability.

These are just some of the reasons why proper therapy and medical treatments are important after a TBI. They are the best way to return to a normal life in the aftermath.