Getting ready for child support payments during your divorce

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If you have kids and want to end your marriage, or currently find yourself in the middle of the divorce process, it is very important to review child support closely if you expect to owe payments. Failing to fulfill your child support obligations can result in harsh repercussions, such as losing your license or having a warrant issued for your arrest.

From going over factors that courts review when calculating child support to familiarizing yourself with different payment options, it is pivotal to have a clear understanding of various child support matters.

Making child support payments in New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Human Services reports that according to federal law, payments for child support must automatically come from a parent’s paycheck through income withholding. However, there are exceptions, and some parents who owe support can use a different method to fulfill their obligations (such as self-employed parents).

In New Jersey, you can make an online payment with your bank account, credit card, debit card or PayPal account. You can pay with cash through approved retailers around the state and by visiting a child support office. Furthermore, you can mail a payment to the state.

Important child support payment considerations

Aside from reviewing different payment options, it is crucial to go over fees and processing times. Some child support payment methods take seven business days to process, and you could have to pay transaction fees. Make sure you understand how much child support you will owe, prepare for making payments and do everything in your power to stay caught up.