What can you expect from rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury?

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A motor vehicle accident can result in catastrophic changes to your life. In one moment, it can feel like your life turns upside down because of someone else’s neglect. Spinal cord injuries are among some of the most severe car accident injuries. In a moving vehicle, your body remains in motion during the collision until the airbag, steering wheel, windshield or other object stops your body.

The sudden force can be enough to fracture your spine. While you cannot reverse spinal cord damage, doctors treat it to prevent further injury, often through surgery. According to Mayo Clinic, the road to recovery goes behind stabilization.

What will rehabilitation include?

Most patients have their own rehabilitation team following an SCI. Early on, your team might consist of a rehabilitation nurse, physical therapist, social worker, doctor, dietician and nurse. Your team’s focus may be to maintain or strengthen your muscle function. If you lose fine motor skills in an accident, your team will work with you to adapt to everyday tasks.

Recovering from a spinal cord injury does not necessarily mean that you can change the results of the accident. Still, you can learn how to prevent complications and how to rebuild your quality of life and adjust to your injuries.

How does medication factor into rehabilitation?

Some patients require medication permanently after an SCI. Your medicine could help you to control muscle spasticity and pain, along with helping to improve your control over your body, such as bladder and bowel control.

In addition to medication, the doctor may provide you with various medical devices to help you stay independent and mobile, including electronic aids, stimulation devices and computer adaptations.