What should I do with my social media during divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2022 | Divorce |

Divorce is a stressful time, and when we go through stress it is natural to want support. Given how digitally-connected the world is, most of us are on social media to some extent these days. However, social media and divorce can be a problematic combination.

You should be careful how you use your social media presence during divorce. According to Psychology Today, it is actually better to delete social media when you can, but if you cannot, there are certain steps you must take to protect yourself.

Why should I delete my social media?

You may need to process many emotions during the divorce procedure: not all of these emotions will be positive. It is very tempting to take to the internet and air out your grievances this way. However, nothing that you post on the internet is ever 100% private, and it is possible somebody could take a screenshot of something you post during a period of great frustration. Your posts may then end up in court.

Deleting social media helps remove the temptation. Remember, you never need to “take back” anything that you did not say in the first place.

What if I cannot delete my social media?

If keeping your social media is important to you, then it is vital to have a strategy in place. Keep your posts neutral, and never say anything bad about your ex-partner. Make sure that you also speak to your family and friends about this. You do not want your parents or friends posting negative things about your ex, either.

Social media is part of everyday life for most of us. It is simply important to understand the ramifications it can have on your divorce, and plan accordingly.