Who is liable for a slip and fall accident?

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A slip-and-fall accident can happen anywhere and under a variety of circumstances.

When the consequences are devastating injuries, and the cause is negligence, tort law allows the victims an avenue to recover compensation and hold the property owner responsible.

The concept of premises liability

Premises liability is a legal concept stating that a property owner is responsible for maintaining safe conditions for anyone legally allowed to be on the property. In a private residence, anyone invited or anyone there with an indirect invitation, such as a public works employee, is legally present. Properties open to the public, such as restaurants or supermarkets, welcome everyone during open hours.

Requirements for proving liability

Should the property owner fail to keep the space safe and a resulting hazard causes an accident, the injured person can hold them responsible through civil court. As the plaintiff, the victim must prove the property owner owed them a duty of care and breached that duty of care by not removing a hazard. They must also show that the hazard caused the slip-and-fall.

Recoverable damages from a catastrophic slip-and-fall accident

A truly catastrophic slip and fall would result in severe injuries and significant economic and non-economic losses. Examples can include medical expenses, lost income from missed work, physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, mental anguish and loss of the ability to enjoy life.

If you suffered a severe injury in a catastrophic slip-and-fall accident, you have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit. The faster you can take action, the better your chances of recovering damages.