Are SUVs and trucks dangerous for toddlers?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Common sense dictates that a large vehicle can cause more catastrophic damage in a collision. You might expect that from massive commercial trucks but not normal-sized SUVs and pickups.

These vehicles come with certain risks — such as blind zones — that pose threats to toddlers.

If you look forward from the driver’s seat, you may not see a young child standing still right in front of the vehicle. Additionally, this type of crash could likely cause fatal injuries to a toddler.

How do safety features impact these risks?

These vehicles often have built-in safety devices, such as airbags and anti-collision systems. However, these features focus on keeping the vehicle’s occupants safe. Some of them might have exterior cameras for blind spots, but older models usually do not have them.

They are often upgrades that come with expensive price tags. Nevertheless, automotive manufacturers know about this problem and continue to develop safety systems that address dangerous blind zones.

In the meantime, drivers are responsible for being aware of their surroundings and checking blind spots before driving off.

Stay vigilant in any situation

Certain catastrophic accidents are preventable. A quick look at your blind zones can help you spot a child who just happened to stop in front of your truck.

Parents should also stay vigilant when keeping an eye on their toddlers. Teaching them essential safety practices and habits could significantly minimize the risks at home or on public roads.

Any parent or guardian of a toddler should look at other risks inside and outside the vehicle, such as wandering into the vehicle’s path when parked or actively backing into or out of a driveway. Adults should never leave children alone with vehicles, regardless of size.