We know how the other side thinks

Attorneys you can trust to protect your best interests.

Experienced Criminal Defense Representation

The firm of Weisberg & Klauber, LLC, has experienced trial attorneys. We have decades of legal experience, including time spent as an assistant prosecutor. We know the law, and understand how the local New Jersey court systems work. This knowledge and experience serve clients well.

Because we know how the other side thinks, we are able to build strong defense strategies that break the government’s case apart.

Located in Ocean Township and New Brunswick, our firm defends clients throughout Central New Jersey and the Jersey Shore against everything from traffic offenses to felony crimes, including DWI/DUI charges, drug offenses and sex crimes, as well as probation violations. We also defend juveniles who have been charged with crimes and clients in domestic violence cases — both those seeking protection from domestic violence and those accused of committing domestic violence. We can also help regarding expungement of your criminal record.

How We Help Build Your Defense

At Weisberg & Klauber, LLC, we take a thoughtful, strategic approach to criminal defense. We don’t bully the other side; instead, we create solid arguments, based on sound law. By strategically pulling apart the prosecutor’s case and exposing holes in the government’s arguments, we are able to get the best outcome possible for our clients.

We Will Give You A Realistic Assessment Of Your Case

It is your future on the line. You should have a thorough understanding of the criminal charges you are facing.

When you come to our firm, you can expect straightforward legal advice. We won’t sugarcoat your situation, and we won’t make false promises. Instead, our criminal defense lawyer will provide you with a realistic assessment of your case. We will walk through all available defense strategies, giving you the pros and cons of each.

Together, we will build a defense strategy that gets you the best outcome possible. To schedule a consultation, call 732-686-6440 or contact us online.