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Financial infidelity emerges as a major marital disruptor

Have you ever hidden a purchase from your spouse? Has your spouse ever done that to you? An occasional small expenditure probably isn't a cause for alarm but regular occurrences of this -- along with other acts of financial infidelity -- can lead to a breaking point in your marriage.

Acknowledging when divorce is the most beneficial solution

For people to make the decision to get divorced from their spouse in New Jersey, the process of deciding whether or not to go through with their desire often takes a lot of thought and consideration. While there are undoubtedly situations where abuse, neglect or abandonment have made it clear that divorce is necessary, there are other situations where couples may have tried to remedy their disagreements alone or with professional intervention, but with no obvious improvement. 

Is my marriage headed for divorce?

No one wants to believe their marriage will end in divorce, but it's an unfortunately common occurrence for many married couples. While some relationships can be mended, it takes the effort of both spouses, especially when the following signs are present in your relationship. Reader's Digest explains more about some of the signs of marital distress that may point toward divorce. While all couples are different, these problems can be tough to navigate for most people. 

What is an emotional affair?

Marriages must have a strong foundation of trust and respect. When infidelity arises, these pillars of a healthy relationship are destroyed, which makes it difficult to keep a marriage together. Along with physical infidelity, some spouses stray on an emotional level. This is what's known as an emotional affair, and Very Well Mind explains why they're so damaging and how you can determine if your spouse is engaging in inappropriate behavior. 

When you file for a divorce during a pregnancy

We know that the end of a marriage can be a complex and challenging process for an array of reasons. However, there are certain occasions when a divorce may be even harder for certain people, such as those who are pregnant or married to someone who is expecting a child. When it comes to divorce and pregnancy, prospective parents may have a wide variety of questions, such as how their unborn child could be affected by the divorce as well as various family law matters that may arise, from custody to child support payments.

Demanding work schedules and family law issues

People may have a hard time with family law matters for various reasons, whether they are not familiar with the ins and outs of the law, they struggle with depression or they have a great deal of anxiety about their future (as well as their child’s future). Many people have demanding work schedules and live from one paycheck to the next, which can place a great deal of strain on marital relationships (and may even be the root cause of a divorce, in some instances). Unfortunately, these work challenges can also get in the way of someone’s ability to handle a family law issue.

How can I deal with summer break as a divorced parent?

As a divorced parent in New Jersey, summer break can be tough from a planning perspective. While you want what's best for your children, you might find it difficult to schedule activities and events with your ex, especially if your divorce was contentious. With the following tips from Parenting, you can create a summer parenting schedule that works for everyone.

Are you about to experience a high asset gray divorce?

Divorce at a later age is happening with more frequency in New Jersey these days. And, by this time in your life, you may have acquired expensive properties and have a high net worth. If you are one of the many about to experience a “gray divorce,” you may be wondering how that affects the assets you have accumulated. 

Joint custody as a support for your child

As parents in New Jersey begin to go through the process of a divorce, they will have more to worry about than a couple who doesn't have children. Custody decisions are one of the primary concerns unique to parents. There are plenty of custody options, each with drawbacks and benefits that can differ depending on one's unique home situation.

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