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We Have Experience On Both Sides Of Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Weisberg & Klauber, LLC, knows how to poke holes in an insurance company’s arguments against giving you the compensation you deserve after a car accident injury. Our 30 years of experience as trial attorneys will benefit you because you will have our unique insight working in your favor. Our firm understands how the insurance company’s attorneys evaluate a case and when they might settle. Our goal is to seek the most damages possible in your case as quickly as possible.

We have successfully represented clients awarded multimillions of dollars for their injuries. Our lawyers have experience in a wide variety of cases, including accidents involving commercial trucking vehicles.

What To Do After You Have Been Injured In A Car Accident

1. Seek medical treatment for your injuries.

2. Contact the police. If possible, gather any evidence, such as photos, witness names and phone numbers.

3. Record the impact of your injuries. Write down each day, the pain you feel and how it affected your ability to work or complete other tasks.

4. Continue and complete all recommended follow-up doctor visits, treatments and therapies. With experience representing insurance companies, our firm knows the price you will pay for making a mistake of stopping or skipping medical recommendations after a car crash.

5. Get representation from an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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