How can I spot a drunk driver on the roads?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Drunk drivers are a menace on American roads. They take many lives each year, including their own. Understanding how to spot a drunk driver is of paramount importance so that you can protect your own safety, and that of others on the road as well as the safety of the drunk driver.

You should have a plan in place for dealing with a drunk driver. According to MADD, you should look for specific signs that point toward impaired driving, and then be ready to call the police to report it.

Signs of a drunk driver

Common signs of a drunk driver involve rapid acceleration and deceleration and weaving erratically between lanes. They may also be driving on the shoulder or a median, or be straddling a central lane marker. Sometimes they will have their headlights off if it is night, and come close to striking objects multiple times.

Of course, not all drivers exhibiting some of these behaviors are drunk. However, if a driver exhibits several of these signs, the chances of intoxication are high.

What to do

The first thing is to make sure to protect your own safety. Do not try to approach the driver: instead, put space between yourself and him or her. Pull off the road if necessary. Then, call the police and make a report. Try to get the license plate of the car if possible, as well as the car make, model and color. Tell the police your current location, and where the drunk driver is heading.

Reporting drunk drivers is one way to help make our roads safer, and prevent death and injury.