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Is my marriage headed for divorce?

No one wants to believe their marriage will end in divorce, but it's an unfortunately common occurrence for many married couples. While some relationships can be mended, it takes the effort of both spouses, especially when the following signs are present in your relationship. Reader's Digest explains more about some of the signs of marital distress that may point toward divorce. While all couples are different, these problems can be tough to navigate for most people. 

Lack of respect

What should I do after being bitten by a dog?

A dog bite can be a scary situation, especially when the animal is unknown to you. Even relatively minor dog bites can cause serious issues if the bite becomes infected, which is why prompt medical attention is required. There are also important first aid steps you must take before you get medical attention, as explained by the Cleveland Clinic

The first step is to disinfect the wound as best as you can. Pressing down will cause a minor amount of bleeding, which helps get rid of some of the bacteria within the wound. You can also wash the injury soap and water before applying an antibiotic cream. Once clean, wrap the site of the injury with sterile gauze to stem the bleeding and keep the area free of bacteria. Change the bandage when necessary to keep the wound clean. 

Your brain injury could cause trouble for years to come

You were nearly home when the crash happened. You went to make a turn onto your street, and the driver behind you, probably in a rush, attempted to overtake you on the driver's side. Since you were turning left, they T-boned you as you turned. Their sudden acceleration meant that you were struck on your driver's side door and suffered the brunt of the force in the collision.

After the accident, you went through surgery due to the injuries to your face and head. You have a traumatic brain injury and have a range of symptoms that you can only hope resolve in the future.

What should I do after a car accident?

Do you know the proper steps to take after a car accident? Even with minor accidents, it's important to follow certain procedures, both to mitigate damage and injuries, as well as to ensure you can successfully file an insurance claim regarding what occurred. To help you along, The Balance offers the following advice. 

Never leave the scene

What is an emotional affair?

Marriages must have a strong foundation of trust and respect. When infidelity arises, these pillars of a healthy relationship are destroyed, which makes it difficult to keep a marriage together. Along with physical infidelity, some spouses stray on an emotional level. This is what's known as an emotional affair, and Very Well Mind explains why they're so damaging and how you can determine if your spouse is engaging in inappropriate behavior. 

Many emotional affairs begin as normal friendships. While it's definitely important for spouses to have their own friends and interests, an emotional affair falls outside of a standard friendship. There may be a component of underlying sexual attraction. Even if this attraction is not acted on, it can still be damaging to a relationship because a spouse's affection and attention will be directed at a person outside of his or her relationship. 

Six signs that signal divorce

 Marriages don’t abruptly end, they slowly erode.  Through a multitude of issues that changes couple by couple, marriages end, and the divorce process begins. Sometimes, love is still in the equation, but the marriage just isn’t working anymore.

An amicable divorce would be the ideal situation, but often, especially in divorces that include child custody, tension seems to rise to the top.

Who is responsible for toxic mold cleanup?

Mold in the home can be a very serious issue for people with allergies or asthma. Certain types of mold are considered toxic, and when spores make their way around a living space inhabitants may experience a range of respiratory issues. There are often questions about whose job it is to undertake mold remediation in a rental home, which can lead to legal disputes. 

According to the State of New Jersey Department of Health, tenants in rental properties are encouraged to contact their building code offices to discuss any unremedied water leaks, which play a major factor in mold growth. While there are no specific regulations governing mold growth, landlords must make the proper repairs to ensure a building is indeed inhabitable. If the issue is still not resolved, renters must consider whether to seek legal counsel, which can help them build a case against a building owner. 

Rules of the road in school zones

The next school year is right around the corner. Many New Jersey parents are preparing their children by stocking up on supplies and getting new clothes for them. Whether you have students or not, once the academic year begins, you must follow the rules of the road in school zones. At Weisberg & Klauber, LLC we often represent clients injured in an automobile crash.

According to Patch Media, drivers who do not obey the law around school buses and in school zones can cause serious injuries and face stiff penalties. Some of the most tenuous safety situations occur at the bus stop. The law states that drivers must stop at least 25 feet from the school bus. Your vehicle must remain stationary until the extended stop-sign arm retracks and the lights stop flashing. The driver does this once all children have entered the bus or exited and crossed the street safely.

When you file for a divorce during a pregnancy

We know that the end of a marriage can be a complex and challenging process for an array of reasons. However, there are certain occasions when a divorce may be even harder for certain people, such as those who are pregnant or married to someone who is expecting a child. When it comes to divorce and pregnancy, prospective parents may have a wide variety of questions, such as how their unborn child could be affected by the divorce as well as various family law matters that may arise, from custody to child support payments.

It is imperative to be prepared for all of the different family law topics that you may need to address. For example, you may have to prepare for custody issues, and you may also need to consider how much child support you will have to pay (or be able to receive) and how this could affect your finances. If you are pregnant, the divorce process can be rather stressful in some instances, so it is crucial to do everything you can to protect your health and stay committed to a healthy pregnancy. Sometimes, touching upon key legal topics and gaining confidence can be helpful in this regard.

Coffee, hot drinks and car crashes

There are various common car accident causes, such as drunk drivers, drowsy driving and ignoring the speed limit as well as other traffic safety laws. However, some crashes occur as a result of less common risk factors, such as a driver who spills coffee or another type of hot drink. When someone spills a hot beverage while they are behind the wheel, they may veer into another lane or lose control of their vehicle altogether due to the shocking pain that they experience. Sadly, this can lead to a fatal collision and cause those involved to sustain massive injuries.

If you were struck by someone who was driving erratically, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the crash. However, if you discover that they spilled a hot drink while they were driving, this is an important detail which should not be ignored should you decide to pursue legal action against the driver. Moreover, if you regularly drink hot beverages such as coffee while you drive, it is imperative to be aware of the risks and react to a spill properly (even if you are in a great deal of pain due to being burned).

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