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Rules of the road in school zones

The next school year is right around the corner. Many New Jersey parents are preparing their children by stocking up on supplies and getting new clothes for them. Whether you have students or not, once the academic year begins, you must follow the rules of the road in school zones. At Weisberg & Klauber, LLC we often represent clients injured in an automobile crash.

According to Patch Media, drivers who do not obey the law around school buses and in school zones can cause serious injuries and face stiff penalties. Some of the most tenuous safety situations occur at the bus stop. The law states that drivers must stop at least 25 feet from the school bus. Your vehicle must remain stationary until the extended stop-sign arm retracks and the lights stop flashing. The driver does this once all children have entered the bus or exited and crossed the street safely.

When you file for a divorce during a pregnancy

We know that the end of a marriage can be a complex and challenging process for an array of reasons. However, there are certain occasions when a divorce may be even harder for certain people, such as those who are pregnant or married to someone who is expecting a child. When it comes to divorce and pregnancy, prospective parents may have a wide variety of questions, such as how their unborn child could be affected by the divorce as well as various family law matters that may arise, from custody to child support payments.

It is imperative to be prepared for all of the different family law topics that you may need to address. For example, you may have to prepare for custody issues, and you may also need to consider how much child support you will have to pay (or be able to receive) and how this could affect your finances. If you are pregnant, the divorce process can be rather stressful in some instances, so it is crucial to do everything you can to protect your health and stay committed to a healthy pregnancy. Sometimes, touching upon key legal topics and gaining confidence can be helpful in this regard.

Coffee, hot drinks and car crashes

There are various common car accident causes, such as drunk drivers, drowsy driving and ignoring the speed limit as well as other traffic safety laws. However, some crashes occur as a result of less common risk factors, such as a driver who spills coffee or another type of hot drink. When someone spills a hot beverage while they are behind the wheel, they may veer into another lane or lose control of their vehicle altogether due to the shocking pain that they experience. Sadly, this can lead to a fatal collision and cause those involved to sustain massive injuries.

If you were struck by someone who was driving erratically, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the crash. However, if you discover that they spilled a hot drink while they were driving, this is an important detail which should not be ignored should you decide to pursue legal action against the driver. Moreover, if you regularly drink hot beverages such as coffee while you drive, it is imperative to be aware of the risks and react to a spill properly (even if you are in a great deal of pain due to being burned).

Summer is a dangerous time for drivers

Summer driving may seem easygoing for many across New Jersey. With no winter weather to worry about, you may look forward to getting out on the roads during this time of year.

However, the summer months can be perilous for drivers. One of the biggest contributors to this is the sheer number of drivers on the roads during this time. With long holiday weekends, many families taking extended vacations, inexperienced teen drivers out on the roads and more, more drivers can lead to more accidents. What should you know about staying safe on the roads this summer?

Demanding work schedules and family law issues

People may have a hard time with family law matters for various reasons, whether they are not familiar with the ins and outs of the law, they struggle with depression or they have a great deal of anxiety about their future (as well as their child’s future). Many people have demanding work schedules and live from one paycheck to the next, which can place a great deal of strain on marital relationships (and may even be the root cause of a divorce, in some instances). Unfortunately, these work challenges can also get in the way of someone’s ability to handle a family law issue.

When someone is dealing with a demanding job, they may be losing sleep, physically exhausted and mentally drained. This can interfere with their ability to put their best foot forward in the courtroom if they are going through a dispute over child custody or any other family law issue (such as property division, or even the divorce process in general). It is vital for those who are overwhelmed because of their job to make sure that they devote enough time and energy to their divorce and any family law issues that arise as a result of their marriage coming to an end.

Signs you should watch for falling merchandise

At Weisberg & Klauber, LLC, we understand that it is not reasonable for shoppers in New Jersey to always be alert for possible hazards in retail establishments. You may easily go around a bottle of olives that another customer just broke on the floor, but you cannot be expected to scan the shelves constantly for a precariously placed box. However, a falling product can cause a serious injury.

There are precautions that keep customers from being struck by merchandise. According to the Member Insurance Agency, the following issues may be a warning that merchandise could fall:

  • Tall shelves with product stacked too high
  • Lack of bars, ties, fencing or shelf extenders securing the products on the shelves
  • Lack of cords or warning signs in areas where employees are stocking merchandise
  • Merchandise of different sizes and shapes stacked together
  • Lighter objects placed beneath heavier objects
  • Merchandise that overlaps the shelf it is on

How can I deal with summer break as a divorced parent?

As a divorced parent in New Jersey, summer break can be tough from a planning perspective. While you want what's best for your children, you might find it difficult to schedule activities and events with your ex, especially if your divorce was contentious. With the following tips from Parenting, you can create a summer parenting schedule that works for everyone.

Arrange an extended trip

Traumatic brain injury may be the cause of your depression

Suffering a head injury in New Jersey can be as traumatic as it is expensive. According to Harvard University, trauma to the head can result in various forms of traumatic brain injuries. These include concussions, skull fractures, acute subdural hematoma and epidural hematoma. Some brain injuries can lead to blackouts, while others may even result in coma, death or lifelong disabilities.

CNN now posits that mild traumatic brain injury may also be an underlying contributor to mental health problems, such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. In some instances, this is not necessarily related to the actual injury, but how it came about. In the case of a motor vehicle crash, for instance, the person may have difficulty sleeping and may relive the moment of impact in their thoughts.

Are you about to experience a high asset gray divorce?

Divorce at a later age is happening with more frequency in New Jersey these days. And, by this time in your life, you may have acquired expensive properties and have a high net worth. If you are one of the many about to experience a “gray divorce,” you may be wondering how that affects the assets you have accumulated. 

Gray divorces often come with different considerations than those that involve younger couples. Divorce in your earlier years often comes with child custody agreements, mortgages and matters such as earning potential. According to Forbes, when people in the latter half of life divorce, future earnings may no longer be an issue, but the asset pool that needs to be dealt with may be much greater.  

Joint custody as a support for your child

As parents in New Jersey begin to go through the process of a divorce, they will have more to worry about than a couple who doesn't have children. Custody decisions are one of the primary concerns unique to parents. There are plenty of custody options, each with drawbacks and benefits that can differ depending on one's unique home situation.

One type of custody in particular - joint (or shared) custody - has recently been touted as being beneficial for children of divorce. FindLaw defines joint custody as an equal sharing of responsibility in raising one's child between both parents after a divorce. Because parents share responsibility and decision-making, a child is given a sturdier foundation upon which to regard the figures of authority in their life. Not only that, but they have a chance to strengthen bonds with both parents as opposed to primarily bonding with one.

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