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Why preserving your clothes and shoes after a fall is important

A bad slip and fall can leave you with broken bones, spinal cord damage, brain injuries and more. You may be unable to work or even enjoy your life for quite a while. If someone else was responsible for your fall through their negligence, you may also end up in a lawsuit as you try to recover compensation for your expenses and damages

Preserving the physical evidence surrounding your fall starts with making certain that the clothes you were wearing and the shoes you had on are kept in the same condition they were in when you had your accident. Here's why that's important:

Older couples should be cautious during gray divorces

You've lived in the same home for over two decades. You and your spouse bought it together as your first home, and you loved it so much that you raised your child there. Now, they're leaving the nest, and you and your spouse have found that you don't have a lot in common.

You're not alone in this situation. Many people find that the marriages that they had in the past aren't the same once their children grow up and move out. Some people grew apart but stayed together for their children. Others didn't realize how different their goals or paths had been until they had more time to worry about themselves again.

Expert witnesses that might be involved in your car accident case

The odds are pretty good that you'll eventually end up in a car wreck. In fact, insurance industry experts say that you can expect to be in at least one motor vehicle accident every 17.9 years or so. Most of the time, these accidents are fairly mild -- but where they aren't, it isn't unusual for a few experts to get involved.

If you file a claim for compensation after a serious car accident, here are the different types of experts that might eventually be consulted:

What kinds of complications come with hip fractures?

All it takes is one misstep and a fall, and suddenly you're in excruciating pain and unable to walk because you've fractured your hip.

While it's true that hip fractures are fairly common, affecting about 300,000 people every year, that doesn't mean that they're easily treated. To stabilize your hip joint and treat the break, you will most likely need surgery. That may include the use of metal hardware, such as titanium pins and screws in your bone, to keep the hip joint in place. If the joint itself is too badly damaged, you may need to have it replaced with an artificial hip.

Financial infidelity emerges as a major marital disruptor

Have you ever hidden a purchase from your spouse? Has your spouse ever done that to you? An occasional small expenditure probably isn't a cause for alarm but regular occurrences of this -- along with other acts of financial infidelity -- can lead to a breaking point in your marriage.

A new research study out of Indiana University is believed to be the first systematic look into financial infidelity and its effect on romantic relationships. Financial infidelity, researchers say, goes a bit beyond occasionally sneaking an extra expense into the budget that you know your spouse won't appreciate. It includes many different financial deceptions, like:

  • Investing in stocks, bond or other securities without telling your spouse
  • Stockpiling cryptocurrency in a secret account somewhere
  • Secretly keeping a separate checking or savings account
  • Concealing major debts, including loans and credit cards from your partner
  • Taking out loans or buying property without consulting your spouse

Internal injuries common to car accidents

An internal injury from a car accident is a ticking time bomb. You may not even realize that you're badly hurt until well after the accident is over.

Of chief concern is the possibility of internal bleeding following a wreck. While a minor broken blood vessel close to your skin just causes a bad bruise to develop, an internal hemorrhage can quickly become life-threatening if it is untreated.

Spinal injuries: What you should know about complete injuries

When you got into a car accident, it was the last thing you were expecting that day. In fact, you'd had an amazing day, so when you saw the other vehicle heading toward you, you were in absolute shock. Although you attempted to get out of the way, there was no real place to go, and the vehicle struck yours nearly head-on.

When you woke up, you were surprised to find that it was several days later. You had been in a medically induced coma, because you were so badly hurt that the surgeon on your case believed it was the best option.

Is now a good time to file for a divorce?

If you're reading this blog, the real question on your mind probably isn't, "Should I file for a divorce?" It's much more likely to be, "When should I file?"

If it weren't for the fact that you're already in the middle of the winter holiday season, your path might be clear. As it is, however, these are the questions you might want to consider:

Acknowledging when divorce is the most beneficial solution

For people to make the decision to get divorced from their spouse in New Jersey, the process of deciding whether or not to go through with their desire often takes a lot of thought and consideration. While there are undoubtedly situations where abuse, neglect or abandonment have made it clear that divorce is necessary, there are other situations where couples may have tried to remedy their disagreements alone or with professional intervention, but with no obvious improvement. 

Familyeducation.com suggests that before people go through with asking their spouse to get divorced, that they ask themselves some important questions to gain clarity and confidence. One especially important area that people should consider is whether or not they are in the position financially to separate from their spouse and assume financial independence.

Is my marriage headed for divorce?

No one wants to believe their marriage will end in divorce, but it's an unfortunately common occurrence for many married couples. While some relationships can be mended, it takes the effort of both spouses, especially when the following signs are present in your relationship. Reader's Digest explains more about some of the signs of marital distress that may point toward divorce. While all couples are different, these problems can be tough to navigate for most people. 

Lack of respect

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