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COVID-19 Update

We, at Weisberg & Klauber, LLC, are aware that the current health crisis with COVID-19 has everyone on edge. We are also aware that everyday life must adapt to this challenge, including looking after the legal needs of our clients. As with our colleagues and with the courts, WK will not let fear take over. Our legal community has and will stand united to protect and serve the public during this difficult time. We assure you that the offices of WK will remain open and in practice to safeguard, address, and handle our clients legal affairs. Our staff has taken precautions to prevent COVID-19 from affecting us while we work for our clients. These precautions include video and telephone conferencing, further use of email, and limiting the number of people in each of our offices at both locations. Real estate closings, client and attorney meetings and court appearances (if available) will be scheduled in staggered time periods. Clients who are senior citizens will be given the option of visiting us after hours. Remote access will be used whenever possible. While the courts are either changing how business is conducted or temporarily shutting down, WK will also make what adjustments that are necessary to continue to be of service to our clients, our colleagues, and the public at large. We are following the ever changing news reports and the advice of the medical community who are on the front lines in this battle. WK wishes each and every one of you the best of health as we all stand together and help each other through this crisis (as we always do).

Thank you,

Adam Weisberg, Rick Klauber and staff.