Brain damage and bicycle accidents

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When bicyclists are struck by large vehicles, many different hardships often arise. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 467,00 bike accident injuries occurred during 2015. Victims frequently experience problems related to injuries, emotional pain and financial hardships. Sadly, some bike accident victims sustain serious brain trauma that alters the course of their lives. For example, problems at work and difficulties in personal relationships are common.

It is pivotal for bike wreck victims who sustain brain damage to carefully look into their options, not only from a legal standpoint but also in terms of their mental health.

Dealing with brain damage due to a bike crash

Sometimes, victims sustain relatively minor brain damage and are able to move forward. Others are virtually incapacitated and need long-term assistance. Moreover, some brain trauma is hidden and does not become evident until later on. Regardless of the extent of brain trauma you are struggling with, it is important to carefully focus on your life, from your ability to work to your emotional health and the health of your personal relationships. Personality changes, depression, anger and memory problems are common. Try to stay positive and take advantage of any resources that are available to you.

Dealing with a reckless driver after a bike accident

Whether your brain was damaged in a crash or a loved one is struggling with brain trauma following a bicycle accident, if these challenges are the result of a reckless driver’s behavior, try your best to hold them accountable. Often, this means moving forward with a lawsuit to secure the compensation that you deserve, as well as a sense of justice. Unfortunately, no amount of money can make up for the hardships that many bicycle accident victims endure.