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Guidance For Families Considering Special-Needs Guardianships

Weisberg & Klauber, LLC, is committed to the ethical and compassionate practice of special needs law. Our attorneys have decades of experience as well as a record of success in helping our clients achieve positive results.

We are fully dedicated to meeting the needs and goals of our clients while fully considering the sensitive nature of guardianships. We have three conveniently located offices in Ocean Township, New Brunswick and Asbury Park, allowing us to serve a broad swath of New Jersey.

Guardianships: What To Know About The Process

A guardianship is a legal arrangement in which one person, a guardian, has the right to make legal, medical and financial decisions on behalf of another person – the ward. Guardianships are sometimes necessary for adults with special needs after they leave high school if they lack the capacity to make important decisions for themselves.

Courts do not take guardianships lightly. You will need to appear before a judge to present the evidence for why a guardianship over your child is necessary. This is to ensure that you do not intend to use the ward’s government benefits for yourself. Judges try to grant the least restrictive arrangement necessary to ensure the ward retains their autonomy and dignity.

Why Hire A Lawyer?

The steps involved in petitioning the court for a guardianship are incredibly complex. One error and you stand to derail the process. We assist you with every piece of paperwork and more to ensure you understand what to expect. In addition, we advise you of your rights and those of your child while also answering your questions. Perhaps most importantly, we provide advice and compassion for the duration of this often-emotional decision.

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