Can brain injuries interfere with your relationships?

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Brain injuries affect your life in ways that you might not anticipate. The more severe or complicated the injury is, the more complex and long-lasting these effects may be. They can even end up affecting your relationships with others.

How do you deal with these interferences? Why do they occur? What should you expect in the future when dealing with such issues?

TBI impacts on behaviors

As Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center discusses, brain injuries do often interfere with your relationships. This is especially true of moderate to severe injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and mild but complex head injuries.

These interferences happen mostly because of the changes that brain injuries cause in a victim’s personality and in the personal lives of victims and their loved ones. As a TBI victim, you may experience heightened agitation, anxiety, and a loss of ability to control impulses or handle stress. This can lead to angry outbursts or lashing out at loved ones, which is not a pleasant situation for anyone.

Unequal distribution of burdens

On top of that, you will likely no longer shoulder your usual responsibilities such as working, taking care of children, or handling matters of the home. This pushes all of the work onto others, who will often already feel uneasy and stressed due to your personality changes.

It is important to seek help when needed, such as relationship counseling. Consider seeking financial compensation for the incident leading to the head injury too, since having that support can help alleviate some of the stress. If you handle it well in the present time, you have less to worry about in the future.