Fatal play: Who is liable for your child’s playground injuries?

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In your child’s eyes, the world’s a giant playground. They have free rein, exploring every nook and cranny while interacting with other kids. But when you must attend to your professional obligations, you must entrust their care to another adult.

However, when your designated adult fails to carry out their duties responsibly, hazards abound in your child’s New Jersey playground, quickly transforming fun into fatal circumstances. Of the almost 2,700 playground injuries reported to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission spanning seven years across the country, 44% are related to falls and death by strangulation is a typical risk pattern.

In the unfortunate event you learn that your child’s tragically hurt, your parental inclination guides you to identify who is responsible.

When a playground becomes a proving ground

Adult supervision proves critical in preventing any severe injury or fatality caused by malfunctioning installations, inaccurately measured enclosures, and loose hooks, strings, or ropes.

All it takes is a moment of an adult in charge taking their eyes off your child to result in a playground incident. Thus, when proven that negligent supervision caused your child’s playground injuries, you can seek financial compensation from the following parties:

  • Supervising adult: Another child’s parents, babysitters or day care workers
  • Private property owner or management: Residences, hotels, resorts and recreational facilities
  • School administration: Educational buildings
  • Government agency or municipality: Public parks

Further, when defective equipment is partially at fault, you may also recover damages against the manufacturer for poor design, or failure to provide warnings or maintenance guides.

Preserving the safety of your child’s playtime

At this point, you will do anything to take away your child’s pain. With several parties and insurance companies possibly involved, the fight may be lengthy and costly. It will be wise to have all the legal help you can get the soonest possible time, so your child can go back to enjoying their childhood again.