How children benefit when parents share custody

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Divorce can bring about significant changes in family dynamics. This is especially true for children caught in the midst of parental separation. However, research shows that children benefit when their parents share custody.

From emotional well-being to academic success, shared custody can contribute to a holistic development that positively shapes a child’s life.

Emotional stability

A notable advantage of shared custody is the promotion of emotional stability in children. When both parents participate in their lives, children have more emotional support. This boosts resilience, helping children navigate the challenges associated with divorce.

Strong interpersonal relationships

Shared custody arrangements foster positive interpersonal relationships. Children benefit from having a network of supportive relationships. Shared custody allows for a continued connection with both sides of the family. This broad network provides a diverse range of perspectives, experiences and guidance. In doing so, it contributes to a child’s social development.

Educational success

Colby College reports that children who spend time living with both parents outperform kids who live with one parent by about a third of a letter grade. The consistent involvement of both parents in a child’s education creates a supportive learning environment. Such active parental involvement influences a child’s attitude toward education. This can lead to improved academic performance. It can also lead to a greater sense of responsibility toward their studies.

By involving both parents in a child’s life, shared custody arrangements contribute to positive development. As children navigate divorce, shared custody helps shape their resilience, social skills and educational achievements.