A car crash can seriously impact mobility

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Car accidents can have severe consequences, both physically and mentally. Compromised mobility is one of the most far-reaching impacts that survivors sometimes face.

In some instances, the injury may require medical intervention. It is no exaggeration to say that the trauma resulting from a crash can be life-altering.

Broken bones and severed limbs

Auto wrecks often lead to severe fractures that affect the ability to walk or stand. Acute cases may require the insertion of permanent pins. Extensive rehabilitation is often mandatory to recover the use of hands, arms or legs. Sometimes, the only option is amputation.

Spinal cord injuries

A vehicular accident might result in a spinal cord injury that impacts nerve function and leads to paralysis. The inability to use lower limbs necessitates wheelchairs and other mobility aids. One may also need an adaptive living space, the implementation of which can be expensive.

Traumatic brain injuries and cognitive impairments

A sharp blow to the head from a car crash can cause a traumatic brain injury. TBIs often have a debilitating effect on cognitive functions and coordination. Sufferers might experience difficulty with balance, coordination and spatial awareness, making it a challenge to walk or move with confidence. Recovery typically involves intensive therapy.

Emotional impact

Beyond the physical harm, car crashes have a psychological impact. Nearly half of all motor vehicle accident survivors experience anxiety and a fear of getting back behind the wheel. Another common consequence is depression. Those who cannot shake off persistently low spirits rarely get out of bed, and daily activities such as showering and eating could fall by the wayside.

There is little more devastating than the sudden loss of the ability to move around and be independent. The individual responsible for causing such an overwhelming degradation in quality of life should bear the financial burden.