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An arrest or a conviction could remain on your criminal record and permanently damage your reputation. Information regarding this arrest may result in a loss of a job or inability to be hired. It could result in suspension of your professional license and prevent you from obtaining other licenses in the future. Such information could also prevent you from getting into the college of your choice, and it may result in denial of housing.

On the other hand, expungement of such arrest information from your criminal record can prevent this information from becoming public. At Weisberg & Klauber, LLC, we understand the expungement process and do what is necessary to keep arrest information private. From our offices in Ocean Township and New Brunswick, attorney Adam Jon Weisberg has provided criminal defense representation throughout the Jersey Shore and Central New Jersey area for 25 years.

An Acquittal May Not Be Enough To Seal Arrest Information

A criminal conviction can become a permanent part of your criminal record. However, even with an acquittal, such information may also remain public. An expungement can not only remove arrest information from your criminal record, but also keep files connected with the arrest from remaining public information.

It is important to remember that there are a large number of guidelines to follow before expungement can take place. There also may be certain instances where courts will not permit expungement from taking place. Attorney Weisberg can advise you of the process and help you understand whether expungement is an option regarding your personal circumstances. As a former prosecutor, he can anticipate the approach prosecutors will take when opposing a motion to expunge criminal records. In the event expungement is an option, he will do whatever is necessary from allowing arrest information to get in the way of your future goals.

Do Not Let An Arrest Impact Your Immigration Status

For immigrants, an arrest and conviction can result in even more severe consequences and drastically impact your immigration status. As we understand what actions to take, a large portion of our practice concerns the expungement of criminal records. We minimize consequences. We also understand what actions to take should arrest record information continue appearing.

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