Dividing Your Property As You Divorce

Your marriage is ending, and now it's time to decide who will get what among your shared possessions. New Jersey is not a community property state. Judges divide the property in a manner they consider to be fair and equitable or "equitable distribution."

Property division can be highly contentious. At Weisberg & Klauber, LLC, we don't believe in fighting without a worthy reason. Our New Brunswick and Ocean Township attorneys can help you understand the cost-benefit analysis of what is worth pursuing and what will simply run up your attorney bills. We have your interest at the forefront — not our own.

What Goes Into Division Of Marital Property

The laws regarding division of marital property account for separate property. That is, if a spouse owned property prior to getting married, if someone gifted property to one spouse or one spouse inherited property, those assets are not considered in dividing your shared assets.

Much like considerations for determining alimony, a judge dividing your marital property will look at how long the marriage lasted, age and individual contributions, including responsibilities of a partner that did not work outside the home.

Client-Focused Representation You Need In A Divorce Lawyer

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