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A Strong Divorce Lawyer For Child Custody Matters

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of your marriage ending is the reality that your children may not be with you all the time as they once were.

New Jersey courts consider the best interests of a child when deciding on custody, as well as the environment of each parent’s home and their work demands. If a judge determines the parents can have a civil co-parenting relationship, the court may grant joint custody. After a child turns 12, a judge can consider their preference about which parent’s home they prefer to live in.

If there is a history of one spouse being violent, that will also be a strong factor in the child custody and visitation decision.

You need a child custody lawyer who puts your desired outcome for visitation rights at the forefront. Thirty years of experience gives you the negotiation, as well as litigation, skills you need on your side, especially if you are petitioning for a custody change after a judge had previously made a determination. Whether you want to see if you have grounds for full custody of your child or desire an arrangement for joint custody, we can help.

A Caring, Compassionate Child Visitation Attorney Who Will Fight For You

At Weisberg & Klauber, LLC, our firm isn’t just about handling the legal aspects of your divorce. We realize this is an incredibly emotional time in your life. We offer caring and compassionate counsel and a sounding board for your frustration with the situations that come with ending a marriage.

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