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September 2019 Archives

Your brain injury could cause trouble for years to come

You were nearly home when the crash happened. You went to make a turn onto your street, and the driver behind you, probably in a rush, attempted to overtake you on the driver's side. Since you were turning left, they T-boned you as you turned. Their sudden acceleration meant that you were struck on your driver's side door and suffered the brunt of the force in the collision.

What should I do after a car accident?

Do you know the proper steps to take after a car accident? Even with minor accidents, it's important to follow certain procedures, both to mitigate damage and injuries, as well as to ensure you can successfully file an insurance claim regarding what occurred. To help you along, The Balance offers the following advice. 

What is an emotional affair?

Marriages must have a strong foundation of trust and respect. When infidelity arises, these pillars of a healthy relationship are destroyed, which makes it difficult to keep a marriage together. Along with physical infidelity, some spouses stray on an emotional level. This is what's known as an emotional affair, and Very Well Mind explains why they're so damaging and how you can determine if your spouse is engaging in inappropriate behavior. 

Six signs that signal divorce

 Marriages don’t abruptly end, they slowly erode.  Through a multitude of issues that changes couple by couple, marriages end, and the divorce process begins. Sometimes, love is still in the equation, but the marriage just isn’t working anymore.

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