Why preserving your clothes and shoes after a fall is important

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Premises Liability |

A bad slip and fall can leave you with broken bones, spinal cord damage, brain injuries and more. You may be unable to work or even enjoy your life for quite a while. If someone else was responsible for your fall through their negligence, you may also end up in a lawsuit as you try to recover compensation for your expenses and damages

Preserving the physical evidence surrounding your fall starts with making certain that the clothes you were wearing and the shoes you had on are kept in the same condition they were in when you had your accident. Here’s why that’s important:

You may have evidence of what caused the fall.

Slips and falls happen so fast that you may not know what caused the accident — just that something made the surface of the ground under your feet extra slick. If, for example, the floor of the convenience store where you fell was quickly cleaned up afterwards, your clothes may still contain proof that soda or grease was on the floor where you fell.

Your shoes may also show your lack of blame

Insurance companies routinely try to throw blame back on the victims of slip-and-fall accidents. You may be accused of wearing shoes that weren’t appropriate for the weather or reasonable for the surface you were on. You may need your footwear to prove that you weren’t being irresponsible and somehow contributing to your injuries.

If you’re uncertain about what may be important to keep as evidence, it is wise to discuss the issue with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Learn more about how you can fight for your rights after a slip-and-fall accident.