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Are You Due Compensation After A Slip And Fall?

Our experience in slip-and-fall cases has run the gamut. We have successfully represented parties who have been injured after merchandise fell from a shelf in a large retail store and other cases where someone slipped over a hazard left in a busy supermarket.

Trips and falls happen, but how do you know when someone should be held responsible for the hazard?

Weisberg & Klauber, LLC, a New Jersey law firm practicing personal injury, can tell you whether you have a case. Our firm has experience that is difficult for others to match because one of our attorneys once worked on personal injury cases for insurance companies. We have special insight into when they may be willing to settle a claim and when they’ll fight tooth and nail in court.

A Firm Offering Caring Representation

We know sometimes it can be a tough decision to move forward with a claim after you were injured on someone else’s property. Trust our sound legal guidance and advice. While we always factor in your feelings, our advice can help you see matters from a perspective that doesn’t have the emotion tied to it.

Yes, there is a lot to consider, but we strive to explain the process and the possible outcomes in an honest and straightforward manner. Let’s schedule a meeting to talk about your injury and any concerns you may have as you move toward a claim.

Call our office at 732-686-6440 and set up a consultation with a lawyer at either our Ocean Township or New Brunswick office. We may be able to win you compensation for the medical expenses and other damages suffered because of negligence that wasn’t your fault.