A slip and fall can result in catastrophic injuries

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New Jersey weather can change quickly, making normally safe surfaces treacherous. If you slip and fall down stairs due to unsafe conditions, such as a missing rail or uneven or slick surfaces, you could require surgery, physical therapy and prescription medications. 

According to Healthline, the lower spine, known as the number spine, contains vertebrae, the sacrum and coccyx. The complicated way that the pieces fit together and work with muscles and tendons give it the strength to hold the top half of the body upright. It also enables your body to flex, extend, bend to the side and rotate. 

Duty of care

Property owners and managers have a responsibility to their customers. They must maintain public areas and exercise reasonable care regarding safety. During the cold months, this includes removing snow and ice in the parking areas and walkways. Keeping floors and stairs clean and dry reduce the risk of falls and catastrophic injuries. If a property owner knew about dangerous conditions in the public areas and did nothing about it, you may have grounds for a claim if you slip and fall. 

Lower spine trauma

Injuries to any of the part of the lower spine can affect your quality of life. A hard landing on your back on ice can cause herniated or ruptured discs. You may have debilitating leg and lower back pain, which can last weeks to months. If you have osteoporosis or fall down stairs, you may experience vertebral compression fractures. This can limit your mobility and cause paralysis and intense pain. 

A healthy spine is critical for your full range of motion. Depending on the severity of your back injury, you could be unable to work, affecting you and your entire family for years.