Factors that play a role in speeding

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If you encounter a speeding driver on the road, you could become seriously injured in an accident. Drivers speed for many different reasons, and this behavior threatens the lives of everyone on the road, including those in other vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. It is important for drivers to review some of the risk factors associated with speeding, and for victims involved in these accidents to stand up for their rights.

Sadly, speeding not only increases the chances that a crash will take place but often makes the outcome of an accident even more devastating.

Reasons why many drivers go over the speed limit

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration outlined some of the risk factors associated with driving too fast. For example, many drivers speed because they find themselves late for work or an important appointment. Sometimes, traffic congestion causes road rage, prompting irresponsible drivers to speed. Furthermore, some drivers feel anonymous behind the wheel and do not think they will have to answer for their actions on the road.

The consequences of speeding

During 2019, speeding played a role in 26% of traffic-related deaths, and speeding causes many victims to sustain severe injuries. Drivers who speed have a higher chance of losing control of their vehicles, and protective equipment becomes less effective at higher speeds. Speeding makes it harder to come to a stop and avoid collisions and increases the likelihood that accident victims will sustain significant injuries.

If a speeding driver has turned your life upside down, you need to hold them answerable and explore all of your options while you try to recover.