Reviewing different types of child custody arrangements

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If you are preparing to get a divorce and you have kids, it is vital to carefully focus on child custody. There are various types of custody arrangements, and the outcome of a custody case could have a significant impact on your relationship with your child over the years, your ability to spend time with them and make important decisions in their life.

There are various factors that courts go over when making custody decisions. Try to remain calm and focused, especially if a custody dispute arises, even though these cases are often very difficult to deal with on an emotional level.

Legal custody and residential custody

According to the New Jersey Courts, courts take the rights of both parents into consideration when making custody decisions, and encourage parents to share the responsibility of raising their kids. Some parents share joint legal custody, which allows each parent to share information and make key decisions. On the other hand, some parents have sole legal custody, which does not allow a child’s other parent to make critical decisions.

Sometimes, parents share residential custody, allowing children to live with each parent for an equal amount of time. When one parent has primary residential custody, the child lives with that parent more than the other parent.

Parenting time and other custody terms

Parenting time refers to the time that a non-custodial parent can spend with his or her child. Sometimes, a third party supervises parenting time. Moreover, some people can secure visitation rights if they prove that such access serves a child’s best interests, such as a sibling or grandparent, allowing them to see a child.

It is crucial to understand these different arrangements, review your unique circumstances and carefully prepare for court.