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Expert witnesses that might be involved in your car accident case

The odds are pretty good that you'll eventually end up in a car wreck. In fact, insurance industry experts say that you can expect to be in at least one motor vehicle accident every 17.9 years or so. Most of the time, these accidents are fairly mild -- but where they aren't, it isn't unusual for a few experts to get involved.

What should I do after a car accident?

Do you know the proper steps to take after a car accident? Even with minor accidents, it's important to follow certain procedures, both to mitigate damage and injuries, as well as to ensure you can successfully file an insurance claim regarding what occurred. To help you along, The Balance offers the following advice. 

Rules of the road in school zones

The next school year is right around the corner. Many New Jersey parents are preparing their children by stocking up on supplies and getting new clothes for them. Whether you have students or not, once the academic year begins, you must follow the rules of the road in school zones. At Weisberg & Klauber, LLC we often represent clients injured in an automobile crash.

Coffee, hot drinks and car crashes

There are various common car accident causes, such as drunk drivers, drowsy driving and ignoring the speed limit as well as other traffic safety laws. However, some crashes occur as a result of less common risk factors, such as a driver who spills coffee or another type of hot drink. When someone spills a hot beverage while they are behind the wheel, they may veer into another lane or lose control of their vehicle altogether due to the shocking pain that they experience. Sadly, this can lead to a fatal collision and cause those involved to sustain massive injuries.

Traumatic brain injury may be the cause of your depression

Suffering a head injury in New Jersey can be as traumatic as it is expensive. According to Harvard University, trauma to the head can result in various forms of traumatic brain injuries. These include concussions, skull fractures, acute subdural hematoma and epidural hematoma. Some brain injuries can lead to blackouts, while others may even result in coma, death or lifelong disabilities.

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